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  1. I don't understand how they justify collecting taxes on items that increased in value but not deducting those that decreased. For example, If I bought a new car for $20k and sold it 10 years later for $5k, why can't I deduct that? How is that different? I'm sure there's some explanation, but it seems wrong to me.
  2. OOOHHHHH! I don't see this on LRG.com though, even as coming soon. Where did you find this?
  3. Gran Turismo, GTA 3, and God of War have all sold for over $10,000 sealed and 9.8 WATA graded
  4. Earlier for some states. Unfortunately, it's in effect for my state (Maryland) in 2021. https://www.ebay.com/help/selling/fees-credits-invoices/ebay-form-1099k?id=4794
  5. Thanks for the info. Although I keep track of what I paid for games, actually finding proof of those expenses would be extremely time consuming. Would I only need to do that if I get audited?
  6. I know. But this is BS. I can't deduct things like my electric bill, internet, gas, and other business expenses. I also can't show a deficit because my direct expenses (total amount spent on video games in 2021) exceeds my income from selling video games in the same year. Absolutely horrible.
  7. I wonder if changing my address to a non-Maryland state will work. Being taxed on this is total BS because I spend more than I sell on the hobby but can't deduct that. And of course, I can't provide a cost basis for games I sell, but it's usually for around what I paid for them.
  8. I was just looking at eBay, and noticed that I am going to get a 1099 for having $600 or more aggregate sales in 2021 since I live in Maryland. That's a hell of a lot lower than the $20,000 limit from PayPal. Has this been discussed already somewhere else, because I'd love to hear people's opinions about it and if there's a way I can switch back to using PayPal to receive payments and avoid this. Link: https://www.ebay.com/help/selling/fees-credits-invoices/ebay-form-1099k?id=4794#:~:text=eBay and Form 1099-K,-If you're&text=We'll provide you with,%2420%2C000 in gross payments%
  9. Here are 36 games I would like to buy. I'm only interested in CIB copies. Please shoot me a message if you're selling. Adventures of Batman & Robin Bio-Hazard Battle Bubble and Squeak Burning Force Chiki Chiki Boys Dynamite Duke El Viento Flicky Forgotten Worlds Gaiares Growl High Seas Havoc Insector X Lightening Force Marvel Land Mazin Saga Mutant Fighter Phelios Road Rash R
  10. I'm very surprised no one has said The Last of Us yet. Is that too generic of an answer?
  11. It's just a stronger word in my opinion. You don't want to end up with some eBay employee reviewing your case that doesn't understand why a reproduction is bad. It seems like many of them don't understand that these games are collectibles. This guy scammed you, so you should also just go ahead and say the games are broken and don't work. Even if that's not true, I think it's justified as the means to a fair end.
  12. You should say the items were counterfeit instead of saying they were reproductions in your claim. You should also say they don't work.
  13. Hoping to have some luck here. If anyone participated in the Ultima Online Beta and still has their CD, I will pay well for it.
  14. You don't think ETRADE is reputable? I used Capital One's brokerage previously but it was purchased by ETRADE a few years ago.
  15. It's possible t hat there was a trading halt due to today's activity.
  16. Thanks again! Sold half of my position in only 2 days at +260%
  17. What the heck is happening today? The share price closed at $65.01 on Friday and reached a high of $158.97 around 10:45am today despite no news about the company. It then dropped back to an intra-day (so far) low of $61.13, and is now sitting at $85 but changing rapidly.
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