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  1. Star Voyager won't take you more than 4-6 hours, and Robowarrior can be beaten on your first try with enough patience. Are your playthroughs spoiler-free?
  2. Ooh, I hope not, because I just beat it: You can't really see it, but I won 6-4 6-0 against the CPU (on Level 5 difficulty, Speed 3). Beat this one a couple years ago, so I just had to remember how to play. Aww, thanks. I try!
  3. Very kind of you! We shall see -- Sky Kid keeps taunting me in my dreams (not really) (but it sort of does). But I have that real cart of Laser Invasion and it's supposed to be a good one (never really played it). Sort of. At least for me, knowing what to do was the first 25% of the game, and actually executing was the latter 75%. The big choke points are that one sadistic jump in the last level, and the final boss fight (which is the only difficult boss fight), but the next-to-last level is also quite demanding. It's a miserable experience with a vague whiff of a good game somewh
  4. Ah, let me give you an annotated version: "Time to take care of Star Voyager, as I've been doing for many years now [I've beaten the game for NA/VGS for a bunch of consecutive years], because I am just a marvelous warrior [humorous quote from the ridiculous end-of-game credit crawl, see below for my screenshot from 2018]: Last night I started this on a lark [I was riding a small bird at the time], got excellent RNG as I only had to search 3 planets to get the two super items, but then my emulator crashed [this is a quote from the Bhagavad Gita, also said by J. Robert Oppenheimer
  5. Time to take care of Star Voyager, as I've been doing for many years now, because I am just a marvelous warrior: Last night I started this on a lark, got excellent RNG as I only had to search 3 planets to get the two super items, but then my emulator crashed. Today I had essentially perfect RNG, as the two super items were on the first two 2 planets I checked, but then I only beat the game by the skin of my teeth and had to fight like a cornered rat to make it. I'm guessing the thing that saved my run was (if I'm correct) that your base treats each attack separately, so that the
  6. You've got it! This and Golden Axe use background tiles for most (all?) characters and enemies. The results aren't a feast for the eyes in motion, but since they look quite plausible in screenshots, maybe it was a calculated decision for exactly that reason. I beat a pile of SMS games last year and Altered Beast was one of them. I think it only took a day or two to go from getting my ass handed to me to 1CC'ing the game, so you're probably close!
  7. Doing just fine, and it's kind of you to ask! Partly I'm a bit burned out on NES, especially since my EverDrive N8 crashes at random times, which really takes the wind out of my sails for games with no save function. I've been playing other consoles this year -- PlayStation, 3DO, Atari 7800, Saturn -- because it gets me down to own these things and never seem to touch them. Also my laptop's screen is dead, so I can't play RPGs while sitting on the couch watching TV with my wife (as I like to do). Otherwise I'd probably have gone after Dragon Warrior III this year. That said, I h
  8. It probably won't affect our win condition for future threads, but it was intriguing to find out today that Pipe Dream has a kill screen -- or, more accurately, a kill score: At 32:16. If you slow it down, the crash happens when the score hits about 8.38 million, and since 2^23 is 8388608, it's clearly related to that.
  9. I'm surprised I'm in the Top Ten! Consistency has its perks, I guess.
  10. Yeah, I don't think it's well-known at all. When I beat Alien Syndrome I mapped it out pretty systematically and ended up saving everyone, so it was only once I watched a video playthrough to compare notes that I realized the benefit I'd received on my own playthrough.
  11. I thought the SMS port was deeply, deeply flawed, but there was something I respected about its tough difficulty and tricky maps. Did you save all the hostages? If you do, you get an extra item drop at the final boss that makes it much easier.
  12. I bought that game, played it for about 2 minutes, and then put it on the shelf. Haven't touched it since. I could tell right away that it was going to lay me out.
  13. I beat this one in 2016 (it's actually the only Game Boy game I own CIB). It's a decent way to get your introduction to Koei. It's a pretty stripped-down version -- kind of a mashup of the first two Nobunaga games, as I understand it -- but it's quite playable. It's kind of a bastard on Hard but still beatable, especially if you're willing to save-scum and exploit the AI's shortcomings. I found it helpful to keep extensive handwritten notes on who everyone was and their stats, since otherwise it gets confusing!
  14. Are you planning an untimed one, like for the SNES effort? Either way I'd love to have a reason to finally take out that bastard beagle in Snoopy Tennis...
  15. I have both (just got a nice flat-screen Sanyo with component inputs for free), but I beat it last year on a curved-screen Toshiba. I thought light guns acted weird on flat-style CRTs? Maybe it's only some light guns that do so?
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