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Anyone here have an OLED display?


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I was wondering how OLEDs were for retro gaming.  Do you get pixel crawling like I see on PC LCD monitors?  A simple test for anyone interested who has an HDMI nes, AVS, Analogue or Mister.  Put in Contra and play through some of the first level.  Do the pixels of the tree trunks in the background of the second half of the stage blur when the screen is scrolling? 

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I have a Sony OLED TV and it looks fantastic with the Analogue consoles.

I haven’t played contra on it but I have played SMB, excitebike, Castlevania 3, DKC, and a few others I can’t remember right now.

Looks great and has no screen tearing or blur. I’m away for the next few days but if no one else does it before I get back I can test for you.

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I have a 65" LG OLED that I have my Analogue Nt hooked up to. NES games look and feel amazing. I actually prefer the pixel-perfect look it gives as opposed to blurring of lines and colors you get on a CRT. I know the artists often intended for colors to blur, but I love seeing the pixel art exactly as it was designed.

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