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FS / FT: Rare Games, Screen Modded & RGB Modded Consoles, Flashcarts & More!


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Hello everyone. I'm a new member but I have some feedback on eBay and have traded in the SomethingAwful Retro Game Discord several times, so figured i'd post some stuff here also! If any more questions or details are needed let me know!

First up a beautiful IPS modded Gameboy Color:

"Green Q5 IPS-modded Gameboy Color system with Pixel Mode and OSD menu. Systems have been recapped. Touch sensors cycle between brightness settings and GB color palettes, and the OSD menu can adjust the screen position and turn the battery indicator and pixel mode on and off." game not included




$155 shipped

Game Boy Advance Micro with Charger
Stock. Works perfectly, game not included. Includes charger.



$155 shipped

FX Pak Pro
Used this religiiously, then got a MiSTER. Will include SD card with alternate firmware on it


$215 shipped

Random Super Famicon Games

I don't know what these are worth, so make a offer I guess either as a lot or individually.

Cannon Spike CIB
Even includes registration card. Sticker residue on front case. Otherwise perfect condition.

$290 shipped

Suikoden 2 - CIB
This thing is in great condition. Disc is perfect, just mostly perfect all around. There is some very light wear on the manual and you can see there is some squeezing on the manual where the manual holders uh hold it.




$370 Shipped

Other things I have that i didn't take a photo of yet as not sure if folks would be interested:

CIB Snatcher Sega CD - Slight imperfections on front manual but otherwise a beaut. $1300 shipped. 
CIB Castlevania 3 Draculas Curse NES with Giveaway slip - $170 shipped
CIB Final Fantasy NES - $170 shipped
CIB Samurai Shodown Sega CD - $210 shipped
Sega Genesis Model 1 Triple Bypass with RF port replaced with Model 2 port and has a purple LED installed. no controllers. comes with SCART cable & power cable - $140 shipped

Will update with more stuff in the coming days. Can provide more pictures on request of course.

How did you get your prices?
I took 5 of each items recently sold on ebay and then averaged it out and applied a 10% discount.

I have pm's so feel free to send me a PM. I'm open to trades also, looking for the following but open to other stuff as well:

Sega CD Games that aren't NBA Jam, Dune, Samurai Shodown, Snatcher
Game Gear Games
Game Boy, GBC, & GBA games
Analog Pocket Accesories (Game Gear thing most importantly)

Thank you all very much! 🙂


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