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What’s wrong with this DS Lite?


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This is a Nintendo DS lite that is the Dialga & Palkia edition. The bottom screen doesn’t seem to work. Not sure about the top  

I opened it up. All of the screws are out. It looks like there is a tiny ribbon broken on it. I think someone tried to fix it, then that person closed it and bamboozled me. 

Any advice on what I should do here would be great. Of note, I don’t know how to solder. 

Thanks VGS!


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I've never done a DS screen replacement but that edition ds should be saved!!


There are probably better sources to get screens from, but idk. If you had access to cheap ds lites it might be about as cost effective to take one in good working order and replace the guts of this one instead of screen replacement and then sell off the leftover parts.

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