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Gameboy advance agb 001 replacement shell


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https://www.boxypixel.com/collections/game-boy-advance if you want to go all fancy but they are not cheap at all, like $70 for cnc machined aluminum.

Just about all of them are fine that Ive tried, but I like the clear weird colored ones. If you are planning on doing a screen replacement or whatever they have shells out there that are modified or ready to fit the bigger screen too. I haven't ordered from anywhere stateside because it seems like they're all pretty much reselling Chinese products. I'm sure theyre reputable, will arrive much faster and have good customer service should there be an issue but I'm patient and haven't had any issue buying from funnyplaying or AliExpress, eBay etc. 

If you plan on modding:

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Offline at the moment, https://bluishsquirrel.co.uk/

But google for examples from buyers.  They do high quality shells with insanely detailed art on them silk screen or some UV process not really sure what, but if you're buying to have something unique, holds up, and don't mind the added cost but not taking it as far as machined metal that's a real choice too.

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