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Anyone know where/how to get panoramic pictures printed?


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I have a few panoramic photos I would like to get printed but it seems like the basic options Ive seen are always really big. Is there a way/place to get them printed in like a 4x(something) or 5x(something)? Basically a size that can be fit in a photo album if cut in half and placed across two pages? 

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3 hours ago, fox said:

Find someplace that has a roll of paper for their printer to print a continuous image

Or edit the images stacking them above each other so you only need to print 2 pages rather than 4


1 hour ago, Code Monkey said:

If you're cutting them anyways, just cut the digital photo in half and print 2 photos.

I didn’t even think editing the photo in two halves before printing, duh lol

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