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PS2 collectors? Strange SCPH-39006 NTSC-U/C from parallel universe


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Not sure what to make of this one. the 6 at the end indicates an Asian Hong Kong model, which should be 220-240V 50Hz, yet here it seems to be a universal 110-240V 60Hz.

Also, it's impossible that a 6 is NTSC-U/C, it should be NTSC-J.

the font used for SCPH-39006 does look different... could this be a fake sticker?



here's what a normal 39006 looks like


and the US 39001 model


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Yeah the more I look at it, the more I think it's a fake sticker.

As to why, well, Hong Kong has made so many pirated things for no reason... I think the console was modded (like 99% of PS2 consoles here) and maybe the sticker was damaged, so they replaced it with a fake one. They may have had some stock as backup.

I thought it might be a test unit, sometimes they come with universal voltages and a different region, but it wouldn't look like a final US sticker, and it wouldn't use a serial and... it just wouldn't look like this.

the print quality also looks bad, too blurry.

i guess case closed.

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