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The Game Boy MEGAMACHINE -- Anyone else following this guy or seen this amazing piece of art?!


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I just found this guy yesterday.  Wow, this is an amazing piece of machinery.  This gentleman has hacked together some 30-40 Game Boys and has created a machine that pulls together all of the sounds of all of the channels form these machine to make one astounding synth machine.  I know when you blend together some 60+ channels from synth hardware, you can make a lot of unique sounds, but I found this to be legit beautiful.  Truly a work of art.

This is also not the only thing this guy has made for his channel. I need to dive deep a bit more into his channel, but he also takes other simple/cheap audio hardware and hacks and supplements them for some amazing results.  I'm not a musician but there's a part of me that wishes if I were, this were the type of stuff I'd do.

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4 minutes ago, guitarzombie said:

Thats awesome!

You might go back a bit, but scroll down in his video list and find the last video he made on it.  I understand, maybe, 10% of what this guy is talking about but I know it's more than just layering the voice channels.  He's integrated a lot of analog effects, and I know from an even previous video (one someone had posted from about a year ago) that some of his hacks involve lowering the voltages on the CPU to adjust the speed of the unit and generate different sounds.  It's remarkable.

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