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Incredible 1990 Sony Metamorphis HDTV demo (first ever?) -- featured in later 1995 PS1 Developer's Demo


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So back in 1995 when the PS1 first came to the US, there was among other demo discs this one that showed off the kinds of things the PS1 can do:

Now, people must've thought it was amazing how a mere gaming console could play such good quality video at 2:41!  But if only they knew where (and when!) that video originally came from and how amazing and groundbreaking it REALLY was!  I think this might be the very first (or at least among the first) ever HDTV videos published?


PS: About when was the earliest in the US people could go to a TV/electronics store or something and at least be able to see what HDTV was like?  Like, back in 1993 for example could you in the US see a demonstration of this in HD?


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On 9/28/2021 at 10:15 AM, twiztor said:

there was an independent pro wrestling show taped in HD back in 1994. Wiki article about it. This was the first i remember hearing about HDTV. I don't believe the footage has ever surfaced, although you can find fancams if you really want to watch the event (it's not worth it). 

I also remember seeing on YouTube the first ever MLB game on HDTV as well.  I might post it here a little later.

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Wow, I was just reading my local newspaper's archive (11/26/91...you know, 30 years ago like Back to the Future?) and sure enough, it shows a picture of a Japanese man watching this very Sony Metamorphis demo video on a store's HDTV.  It was at this time the first full scale HDTV programing was offered (eight hours/day by satellite).  If you wanted your very own HDTV, it would've set you back $30,000 (double that in today's money!)!!

I bet this must've been just as if not more mind blowing and magical as the ones in the 50s/60s who saw color TV for the first time...

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I remember seeing footage of a Japanese Bomberman tournament, all running on plasma HDTVs (1035i Hi-Vision), in 1993. 

Found info: https://ultimatehistoryvideogames.jimdofree.com/hi-ten-bomberman

The article says the custom machines with game costed  ~$200,000 each.

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