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Pringles Halo DLC

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So that halo game got delayed but the marketing push didn't, there were dlc codes on monster energy drinks and special flavor exclusive to Walmart.


I got some to try and they're pretty tasty little bit of growing spice heat, ginger, barely taste burger just tasty chip. Probably won't go to Walmart to get em again but worth a try.

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54 minutes ago, fcgamer said:

Should we be collectively stocking up on these? Is the DLC collectable, would the packages be desirable some day?*

*I washed and saved the feet chips package, for my game room / man cave, at least Pringles cans display much nicer.

Well, fcgamer, as collectors first, with backgrounds in other matured collectibles markets yet specializing in video game themed snack foods, we need to address the fundamental flaws that have been circumvented in the video game themed snack foods market that prevent it from growing to its potential and that hinder involvement from key players and investors in ancillary markets. We need to set out on this venture because we believe this is what the industry needs to move forward. There are many sellers of video game themed snack foods (and only a handful of your caliber!). But without objective, quality, trusted, and meaningful standards, the video game themed snack food market will continue to be limited in its growth by a lack of confidence.


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