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RIP Don Everly


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Coincidentally I was just reading in my local newspaper archive (1991; 30 years ago just like BttF) about them doing a special annual concert in nearby Muhlenberg County, KY where one of the brothers originally was from.  It was super awesome that they totally remembered their roots and where they came from!

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Interestingly enough I became familiar with them because of my sister's 45 collection.  When I started to listen to music they were "oldies" and didn't get airplay on the AM rock stations.  So I listened to her stuff (she is 8 years older than me) and she had a slew of their stuff - along with a lot of other good artists.

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14 hours ago, FireHazard51 said:

Man, I was born in 83' but remember listening to these song from the oldies' station my Dad would listen to while driving me too and from school.  You just don't hear these song anymore it seems like.

Well luckily the days of having to be at the mercy of your local radio stations is loooooooong gone.  You have no idea though how AWESOME it was to be introduced to classic country when we finally got a local station at the time (late 90s) that actually played it.  I mean, there was not much trouble at all finding stations of say, classic oldies/pop, classic rock...but classic country, not so much.  I mean, on a usual country station back then you're stuck with just the same 40 or so songs over and over and over and over... 😞   And pretty much forget about anything but fairly recent videos on CMT or MTV at the time (though VH1 and least tried to spotlight oldies like with Best of American Bandstand and 8-Track Flashback)

I know I've said this way too much but thank God we now live in a modern day in age when thanks to YouTube and KeepVid we can access most any song/video we want.  I seriously doubt I've would've gotten so hooked on ABBA for example by just the songs alone...for those you really do need the videos/concerts to really do them justice!

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Reba McEntire did a really neat cover/video of Cathy's Clown,

Bruce Boxleitner plays the cowboy and several of the guys in the saloon are western actors from bygone tv shows - including Johnny Crawford (Mark McCain fromThe Rifleman), Paul Brinegar (the cook from Rawhide), Buck Taylor (Newly from Gunsmoke) and Sheb Wooley (Pete Nolan from Rawhide - also performed the famous novelty song The Purple People Eater).  So kinda of a mini-time capsule since 3 of those 4 have since passed on.

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