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Ghost month is here!


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Last Sunday ushered in my favourite time of year, Ghost Month! The cooler temperatures in the morning and evening offer a respite from the harsh summer temperatures. The smell of incense creeping across the street, and the hustle and bustle at the temples, as the gates of hell are cast open for a whole month. Neglected spirits wander the streets, some nefarious in nature, others pitiful, looking for a host body, love, or just to get out of the realm between worlds. Superstitions are at large, and the atmosphere us incredible, essentially a month long Halloween, though so much better.

I'm definitely going to be rolling in the festivities with some ghost games, such as Phantom Fighter and Hungry Ghost Night. I'll also try to watch quite a few Asian hottie films, including the Mr Vampire series, as well as some Taiwanense specialties.

Ghost month is here, and this is the thread to discuss all related things 😄


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