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Transformers: War for Cybertron Trilogy - Kingdom


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Loving this as a fan back in the day of Transformers: Beast Wars (in Canada it aired on YTV under Beasties: Transformers, I don't know why either) it was likely an expensive show being early CGI along the lines of REBOOT ! looking primitive by todays standards but still I LOVED IT! Never thought I would see it again in this form, love NETFLIX or hate it, it is amazing they bring back shows like this and the NOSTALGIA is strong! It looks amazing! 😮😎🤘


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So this must e why theve been re-releasing the Beast Wars toys that Ive been buying lately. Im a huge Beast Wars fan, dont even care about regular transformers. So I love the idea of this. Not sure how I like the animation yet. Part of the original runs charm was the lack of scenery, so all their focus had to be on story because there was nothing else to grab your attention. Im gonna go into this cautiously optimistic 

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