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  1. PlayStation - was anyone else impressed with the later revised consoles? I mean, I know they would follow a few years later after many revisions and better implementation, reduction of the chipset etc. basically, improved technology and yet I was pretty impressed with the smaller original PlayStation but man, with the mini slim version of the PlayStation 2? I couldn’t believe how tiny that thing was!
  2. My unboxing of an classic Atari computer! Originally uploaded to VIMEO in 2012 I realized in 2017 I never uploaded it to my Youtube channel and corrected this asap. ANYWAY, it was a fun unboxing of a great machine I received from Bryan on Atariage and I still have!
  3. Over in a ColecoVision Facebook Group (ColecoVision Lunatics) I commented previously on fellow member Jorge Gonzalez post about the ColecoVision Super Action Controllers, that they in fact were the first item I collected kicking off my Youtube channel back in 2008. For yucks here is the video, 3 minutes of low res cringe but it did kick off what would become a rather nice retro collection, ColeocVision related items including 2 ColecoVisions, 2600 expansion module, Steering Wheel adaptor, and I would eventually even preview the Atarimax SD flashcart for Steven Tucker beta cart (successor to hi
  4. It has been shown the AtariOS (the OS / INTERFACE INCLUDED with the crowd funded AtariVCS that has recently been trickling out to backers) can be booted on other pc hardware, images and videos have been shown it booting on laptops and desktops with various degrees of success, meaning issues with networking, sound etc, sound is sometimes fixed plugging in a USB audio device etc. more surprises, while the AtariOS USB stick I created worked on my desktop and a up laptop to various degrees it didn’t work on my old bedroom desktop, due to no no uefi boot options. I also imaged this Sata drive, pl
  5. If all goes as planned within a couple weeks I will be getting my first ever PlayStation 3, a slim series model with Custom Firmware even. I had the OG PlayStation and PS2 and loved them but was put off of PS3 launch price and somehow it just slipped by me since. I won this one in a contest though much to my surprise, not sure what I can do with the Jailbreak custom firmware besides load games to hard drive, I've no interest in online play with others or if I need and PSN account to do anything with it or what is risk of messing up the custom firmware etc? All new to me, I watched a video on
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