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Cirtech Re-programmable Flash Cartridge (Genesis)


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9 hours ago, trevormacro said:



I would like to know what dumper i Can use to transfer game cart on my pc? If you have a model.

I have retrode but i don't think it work with this cart.

Thanks in advance






Very cool item, I wish I knew more about dumping to help but maybe I can ping someone who does

@the_wizard_666 @Code Monkey

If not, sorry for bugging ya 🙂


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6 hours ago, trevormacro said:


Ok you Can help me.

What device Can dump Genesis Cirtech cart with Intel chip?

Let me know


I am not sure, I haven't dumped a game before. However I did google a bit and this looks promising


Wish I could be more help, sorry the pings didn't work out.

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