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Just yesterday I recapped the Game Gear and today was playing Ninja Gaiden. This song was ringing in my ears, which is strange because Ive never played this game yet:

Im well acquainted with all Megaman NES tunes, so couldn’t pinpoint it. Was listening frantically through a bunch of Megaman NES hacks, when finally it hit me.. it sounds like Megaman on Gameboy:

Sounds pretty strikingly similar doesn’t it 🤔 

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33 minutes ago, AverageOliver98 said:

Well the same studio (Japan System House) developed both games, so its probable that both games had the same composer (and in turn, a similar style).

Now what would be interesting is how MMII's music sounds on Game Gear, considering MMII was the only(?) game the studio ever made for the Game Boy.

That’s an interesting point you make. I didn’t think both songs are 1:1 the same. But there are little bits of other songs in MM2 GB that have a ringing reminiscent of the Ninja Gaiden song, the one I posted above is just the most obvious. 

I didn’t really even consider the possibility of them having the same composers.. the first thing that came to my mind was plagiarism, I guess that just shows how cynical I can be 🥴

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