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Neo Geo glitches

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I recently got a few NeoGeo Cartridges and some of them show glitches on screen. Some have no audio, others have part of the screen messed up. I am playing US cartridges on a Japanese console (shouldn't matter). Tried to clean the cartridges with q-tip and alcohol but  didnt really do much.

Can the cartridges be damages? It's weird because this is happening on multiple of them. Or maybe the console?

Thoughts appreciated

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Yeah what, the carts?  Rig up something like the NES cleaning kit for the CONSOLE and hit that vigorously.  That does look like a dirty connector more than a cart, especially since you've cleaned them.

It is possible you have invisible to a glance funk, maybe a magic eraser bit wet with 91% alcohol would help.  I've had to do this before, and despite the usual on a paper towel appearing clean, I get a little hidden gray that was more dug in and bam the game worked.

Worst case scenario, you're starting to have a chip failure, but the NeoGeo being arcade hardware has checks and it would start kicking some sort of warning.

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