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GameCube kiosk found in great condition with key!


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Moving my thread here from NintendoAge (RIP):


Recently I was browsing the local Craigslist and came across a GameCube kiosk just 5 miles away from me. I couldn't believe my luck because these things usually seem to show up half way across the country. It seemed to be in pretty good shape and when I went to take a look at it in person it was in great shape. It looked like it had all of its original parts including the sign on the top and also the key! From what I gathered most of the time the key gets lost for the kiosk. I later realized it's missing the hexagonal plastic ring around the bubble dome which is odd since most other kiosks seem to have that. If anyone is selling a spare hit me up! I also need the demo disc containing Luigi's Mansion, Wave Race Blue Storm and Star Wars Rogue Leader II.

It has the GameCube logos on the side panels and also the button cover in front of the TV. The reset button works as do all the lights. The TV also appears to be the original one since the side panels align with the shape of the TV. The colors are still great on the CRT. The joystick on one controller is missing the rubber grip. Does anyone know if that can be replaced instead of replacing the entire stick? The controllers are sealed with a rivet and I don't want to open that because it looks like the rivet will have to be destroyed.

Overall I'm very happy with this since I've seen other kiosks with missing parts that are hard to replace. Here are some pics:









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