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FS/FO: Proto, Dev, NES CIB, Spring Cleaning (Mega Man 2 Proto added) Prices Added


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I have a ton of dev stuff I'm looking to unload and I'm open to offers.  Matt and I have really shifted our attention toward our families and real estate (just bought another $1,000,000+ multi-family in October) and this shit has been collecting dust for a decade.

I'm going to describe everything I can in as much detail as I can.  This stuff hasn't been tested in forever and I don't have an NES or an EPROM programmer to do it if I wanted.  Take everything at face value.

Make a cash offer, please don't ask how much I want.  I'm easy to deal with and want this stuff gone.


Mega Man 2 Prototype:

Link to Mega Man 2 photos

Substantial text differences, not publicly dumped and never will be by me.  Only considering MID Five Figure offers.  I've turned down offers of $20k for context.  What seems high now may be laughably small in a few months/years.  It is what it is.


Zelda Star Code CIB

Link to photos of Copy  $100 shipped in the US OBO

Condition can be seen in photos.


CIB NES Lot   $350 shipped in the US OBO

Link to CIB Lot Photos

Jurassic Park  $65 shipped in the US OBO

Mega Man 4  $145 shipped in the US OBO

Super Off-Road  $30 shipped in the US OBO

Super Mario Bros 2  $65 shipped in the US OBO

Kung Fu  $40 shipped in the US OBO

Paperboy  $35 shipped in the US OBO

Pinball  $25 shipped in the US OBO

Ideally, I'd like to toss them in a large flat rate box and sell them together, but will consider offers on individual titles.


RBI Baseball Prototype:  Working last time I checked  $500 shipped in the US OBO


Very rare pre-Tengen "Atari" dev PCB.  I've only seen one other like it, the Gauntlet proto on Ebay.

3 blank GB proto carts:  ***SOLD MARKED***  $100 each shipped in the US OBO



Would be good if you bought the chips as you can just pop Paperboy and Mousetrap Hotel right in.

Super Talking Jeopardy NES proto  Definitely not working.  $600 shipped in the US OBO


I have individual dumps of each of the EPROMs that I'll email to the buyer after the sale.  The value in this one is in the board.  It's an Atari PCB I've never seen before and I'm doubtful you'll ever find another like it.  This one absolutely doesn't work.  Programmed by David Wiebenson, this game was purchased with Kitty's Catch (unreleased), a licensed Tengen Tetris proto, and a group of many Tengen proto chips. 

John Smith Special Agent, Unreleased, Non-working  $500 shipped in the US OBO


Bought two of these directly from Howard Philips, I was unable to ever get this one to work.

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AOROM Paperwork


Dated April 22 1991 and has a phone number of 305-932-9651.  Can't remember where I got this.

Ren and Stimpy Buckaroo$  $400 OBO


Working last I checked like 10 years ago.

Dev board lot:  *** SOLD MARKED***  $125 each OBO


Not much else to say.

Milon's Secret Castle Famicom  $300 OBO


Working last I checked, again, many years ago.

I think that's it for now.  I know I have boxes of other junk, just need to dig it out.

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EPROMs are sold, one GB dev cart sold, two TKEPROM boards sold, and the DD3 pre-production box has sold.

Lots of interest on the Mario & Yoshi, but no concrete offers.  I'm reluctantly open to trades for high end NES and SNES stuff, but cash is king.  

Very willing to work out a deal, and the more you buy the better the deal.  Keep those offers coming!

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  • The title was changed to FO: Proto, Dev, NES CIB, Spring Cleaning (Mega Man 2 Proto added)
50 minutes ago, Code Monkey said:

You're finally letting go of the Mega Man 2 I was begging you for years ago. Too rich for me, I could only wish.

I’m willing to let it go for the right price, but everything else I’m actively just trying to get rid of.  Most of it has been collecting dust for a decade.

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  • The title was changed to FS/FO: Proto, Dev, NES CIB, Spring Cleaning (Mega Man 2 Proto added) Prices Added

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