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For Sale: Complete Worlds of Power book set


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So I've owned the Worlds of Power books since around 2007 after reading about them on the internet, reading the Before Shadowgate book online and liking it, then I made an animated video series based on the Megaman 2 book. Since then(that was about 2010) I haven't touched them much and still haven't read them all, but I've just lost interest. 

They are:

Blaster Master, Metal Gear, Ninja Gaiden, Castlevania II, Wizards and Warriors, Bionic Commando, Infiltrator, Before Shadowgate as well as the two junior books MegaMan 2 and Bases Loaded 2. None of them contain any trading cards, but are in good condition.

 I'm unsure about prices to be honest, so I'll take suggestions via PM. (If this is not allowed, tell me and I'll wing it with a price).


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@protoman85 if you have no luck selling this as a bundle and are willing to break it up I'm at the minimum short Infiltrator of the primary set, but if one isn't enticing enough to do it, I don't have either of the junior books, less priority though I did have MM2 in the day.  They're just so bad they're good, and fast reads for when you have an hour or so to spend on schlock and nothing better. 😄

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