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Disasembling and restoring a nes test station

Nes Freak

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a few days ago the nes test station i ordered came in.  it was very dirty  so i cleaned it up  and made it lemon fresh.  literally.  but why stop there lol.  i took the entire thing apart   and chemically washed the main board  cause of all the dust not even a paint brush worked lol.  (yes its safe to wash a board)  i washed the outer case too aside from the front panel.  and started recapping the power supply.  im working with console5 to get a cap kit made for this.  its made but still has a few missing caps.  but ive confirmed whats in the rf box attached on the motherboard to finalize the cap kit.  so below you will find a pictures with the whole thing in pieces.  probably not something you will ever see again lol.  cause seriously who heres has the balls to fully disassemble it lol.  if you look at the scanned image of the board you will see that one cap thats damaged to the left.  this is caused by a flaw in the design  where the screw head is pressed in to the cap so every test station will have this damaged cap.  the way to fix and avoid this issue it is the replace it and set the cap on its side instead of straight up.


btw removing the rf box is such a pain in the the arse, even with hakko.  and yes i might have a obsession with the test station.  i mean look at my profile pic!  its been like that for 13 years! 😛



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9 hours ago, fsped09 said:

Awesome! Any before pics? 

heres how it looked when i got it.  dirt an dust everywhere  tv barely worked  the connection on the system were corroded.  i cleaned all that off  i took the tv apart and fixed the buttons they barley responded.


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