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My WTB list - Remaining loose NES, SNES/N64/Game Boy CIBS


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I'm still working on my loose licensed US release games and want to get some of the heavy hitters out of the way (Panic Restaurant, Bonk's Adventure, Zombie Nation, etc) in very good condition (but not graded.) I'm also still looking for a ton of loose NES games I don't yet have (including 3/5 screw variants) - the full list of what I have remaining will be kept reasonably up to date here:


if you have loose carts on this list in good condition or better let me know! I'm willing (and prefer) to buy in lots and am willing to buy a bunch at once to make it worthwhile for both of us. Help me complete my licensed set!


Random stuff:

BROKEN/BUSTED Smoke Gray N64 controller - I have a smoke gray controller that is in minty shape (esp controller) but the last owner's dog apparently chewed the controller plug to shit. It can't be repaired so I want to pull the controller cord from another controller and use it for this one. THE CONTROLLER WILL BE GUTTED so ideally I'm looking for a cheap controller that will be used for parts aside from this cord, so the worse condition the better! 


I'm also looking for good condition CIB copies of the following: 


NES stuff:

 Loose heavies -  Bonks Adventure ($800), Panic Restaurant, Zombie Nation, Gun-Nac etc

Crystalis (sealed)

Smash TV CIB

BattleToads  CIB

Miracle Piano CIB (alreayd have cart/cable/user guide/registration card)

Castlevania 2 manual

Power Glove (CIB, or complete in good condition)

A couple of nice condition NES Loose consoles (fine if they need cleaning/PIN repair)


Original Game Boy CIBs:

TMNT 2: Back From the Sewers


 N64 CIBs: 

Bomberman 64

Duke Nukem 64

Killer Instinct 

007 Goldeneye



CIB Console - 2 controller Super Mario World set ($250 complete & in great shape)



Super Mario World



CIB Console


Phantasy Star games

Comix Zone 

Theme Park (manual only in vgood+ shape)


GameCube CIBs:

CIB Console

Beyond Good and Evil

Chibi Robo

Pikmin 1


Limited Run Games:

Firewatch (PS4)

To the Moon (Switch) - if you have an extra pre-order I will pay you to send to me when it ships


Magnavox Odyssey:

I'm also looking for complete original Magnavox Odyssey games (incl shooting gallery) 

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