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I got a free Canada instruction booklet for North American version of Super Mario Bros. 2, I own a Canada game cart!


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Wanted to share my photo I put together of Super Mario Bros. 2. A noted text section change SMB2 p.31, I heard something of by others. It was something Nintendo possibly ended up regretting had mentioned in the instruction booklet for Canada. I found what I was 'in-question' in the instruction booklet so took picture to show. I purchased a Canada copy then $80. I also filled the Super Mario Bros. sticker book with theme of game Super Mario Bros. 2 the North American version, it wasn't for the movie. Has special 3D glasses red and blue lens to read names that are scrambled on the individual stickers throughout book, this is late 1980's. Its lost in my house, and also a letter of repair for Zelda II from Nintendo of Japan. This picture is for the pullback of information SMB2 for anyone who does not know about, or was 'text' left I'm not sure. I actually love this game so much wanted to post, cool with its bosses!


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