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Virtual Boy Weekly Contest Final Round: Teleroboxer


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Hello and welcome to the tenth and final round of the Virtual Boy Weekly Contest!  This week's game is Teleroboxer.  It's like a 3D Punch-Out.  Can you defeat all eight opponents? 


- Start a new save file

- Play until you lose a match or win 8 consecutive matches (beat the Legendary Champ)

- After losing a match or winning 8 consecutive matches, end your game and take your picture on the File Select menu

- Most consecutive wins wins

- If there is a tie for number of wins, fastest time wins

- You must start a new game file each attempt

- You have until 11:00 PM EST on Sunday, February 21, 2021 to submit your score.

For general contest rules, click here:



Good luck and have fun!



1. 2 wins (ZeldaFan042)

2. 1 win (Splain)

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10 hours ago, Splain said:

I was secretly hoping for Panic Bomber. But I guess you can't have a legitimate VB contest without Teleroboxer. And it beats the pants off of Golf.

The problem with Panic Bomber is that there is no scoring system.  While it would be possible to play for best time, that would mean that only people who can beat the game can submit a score.

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Editorials Team · Posted


Unfortunately, this week was awful, and I didn't have any time to play this (or anything for the N64 or GB threads that I've also been trying to be active in) so I didn't get to sink my teeth in and learn to get to the Legendary Champ without using the save-scum trick. Sorry to be so lame, I wanted to end the competition with a bang, but it just wasn't in the cards.

I fired it up long enough to beat the first guy, and at least post a score.


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Editorials Team · Posted

Just want to say THANKS to @Red for doing this! Without this I definitely wouldn't have played these games near as much as I ended up doing. The rulesets (same with the GB contest a year ago) were well-done and fair, and it really was great to play so much VB. No headaches at all!

Of course I wish there had been some more participation, but I'm glad that @ZeldaFan042 was at least a constant rival, all while destroying tons of N64 games for the N64 thread.

I was already decently familiar with most of these games, but I've never played any of them (except Nester and Teleroboxer) as much as I did in the contest. Here's my ranking of the 10 games:

3D Tetris
Wario Land
Galactic Pinball
Mario Clash
Red Alarm
Vertical Force
Nester's Funky Bowling
Virtual League Baseball

3D Tetris is the one I'm most likely to play again right away. It helps that I felt like I was discovering new tricks and discussing them with @koifish. Very positive experience all around. Galactic Pinball is actually pretty great, but I definitely feel like I've figured out the UFO table, and that I could do the same with the other tables before getting tired of Wario Land. Mario Clash, Red Alarm, and Vertical Force are all pretty close in my book, but Mario feels like it's got a bit more polish, and more advanced strategies to discover, even if the total content is sort of spread thin as the game goes along. Teleroboxer is fun to discover as you face new opponents, but it has the potential to "run out" of that fun when you learn all the tricks. Bowling is bowling, it's the same every single time, but the Challenge mode (or whatever it's called) is at least something else to do. Waterworld and Baseball... eh. Getting a good lucky streak in either is a lot of fun though.

AVGN: "Next up, Red Alarm. Well, Red is right. All the games should have had Red in the title."

The AVGN Virtual Boy episode is what made me want to get into VB years ago. It's a fun console, too bad so many people got headaches from it. What's funny about that episode is that he really doesn't say too much bad stuff about the games. More than once he says something like "this game is fine, it's just that it's on Virtual Boy!" At the very end he literally says "Now, to be fair, most of the games were okay, but they're the same kind of games you might as well be playing on a regular TV screen." And sure, there's only so much "virtual" stuff going on, but he admits that the games aren't bad, lol.

Great event. I had fun with every title, even the bottom of the list. Time to fire up the rest of them! Thanks @Red.

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