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Wondering if what I bought used is a rare Nintendo Switch release because its not a release of Canada where I live, I play now, S.A.O.!


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Bought video game 'Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization' EU used for Nintendo Switch locally in Canada. I only ever seen one other in my city sealed. I paid $60 for an opened copy, online I didn't see. Its a real cool game I never played something that lifted my gaming enjoyment so much in the longest time. I didn't want the Singapore release and I only know English language. Ended up buying a opened EU release because I intended on playing and the new was an outrageous price, $260 Canadian from another private seller. I am keeping for good just wondering if its rare, it may be my rarest especially in Canada!

Nintendo Switch game, 'Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization' EU, release Epic Games.

I did searching all last week, my EU copy is still not listed for sale online. I am always browsing anyways!



Sword Art Online - Hollow Realization (EU).JPG

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