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Gamecube Thrust Master Flight Stick Review Request

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Hi All!

I was curious to see if anyone had experience using the Thrust Master Flight Stick controller for the Gamecube. I recently started playing Rogue Squadrons and want to see how I like using a flight stick. I know I definitely missed out on playing this but I never had a gamecube and never had a chance to play a game with a Flight Stick so figured why not give it a try.


Just in case here's an image of the controller.


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2 minutes ago, koifish said:

Wow, I never knew thrustmaster made anything for the GC. Figured that generation was dominated by PS2 peripherals with a throwaway Xbox variant here or there. Wish I could help you, but I look forward to seeing more about it.

I'll admit, I'm starting to think I'll just have to get one myself and give it a try.

From what I read of an ebay sold listing, it was primarily released in europe and not a lot of them were made. The listing also implies it's most common usecase is for Rogue Squadrons.

I guess maybe I'm delving into the edgecase of an edgecase haha.

Either way, worst comes to worst, I'll pick it up and turn this post into a full review of it. It'll be interesting since I've never used one before except at arcades and such.

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1 hour ago, drxandy said:

I haven't used one but there is definitely an xbox version of it, and from what I read about the xbox version in the past was positive. 

Thanks! I ended up buying it so I'll do up a true blue review of the feel and all of that after I have some play time with it.

Now I get to play the "do I play rogue squadrons 2 with a regular controller and have to retrain myself" or "do I wait until I have the controller?" game. Knowing how little patience I have, I'll probably end up playing more rogue squadrons 2 and retraining myself 😂

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