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WTB: NES 1985 pre-deluxe set inserts (ROB posters, SOQ insert, manuals, sunglasses)


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Was talking with someone about this and I am not sure if I lost my inserts or never had them to begin with (I'm 50/50, and mad at myself either way). I need the two ROB posters (small/large), warranty card, seal of quality insert, NES manual, and ROB Sunglasses. Some are generic I think like the SOQ insert and ROB sunglasses, but others will have 1985 copyright dates or possibly missing copyright dates in the manuals, I'm not sure. It sure won't say 1987 though.

I'll buy pieces or a whole pre-deluxe set if it has everything.


I'm trying to avoid having to buy two incomplete-yet-very-expensive pre-deluxe sets and piecing them together, because seemingly every set is missing one or two things, let alone the games which are basically always missing or the wrong version.

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