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A couple of Sachens (non-generic boxes)


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Hi guys!

Long-time NA fan - sad to see the old forum turned into... not sure what to call it 😞 Anyway, I haven't been very active the last few years but I've been approached by a local collector who has shown interest in some of my Sachen games. I tried checking eBay but there's not much to go on so I thought I'd check with you guys.

Auto-Upturn is just the box, Super Pang is missing the manual. The rest are CIB (none of them NIB). Any thoughts on value?


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3 hours ago, kralleman said:

Thanks for the input and showing interest. I basically already promised these to the local collector (he's just waiting for a price) but I might have more Sachens for sale later on.

So what ballpark are we talking about here? Would roughly 150 bucks each for the CIBs be too much? Too little?

I’m biased because I want them alot but I’ll be transparent. I hate to see them go to someone else but $150 each is perfectly fair both to you and him.

You can squeeze a little more out of them, but even at $175 a lot of these sit on eBay for months at a time. . . It all depends on whether or not the 5 or so Sachen collectors like me and that dude have that particular game or not.

I will tell you that Penguin & Seal, and Auto Upturn are a lot harder to find than the others. But that makes little difference in price for these things.

All Sachen original art games are R10 out of 10’s...but they’re not particularly valuable except maybe for Little Red Hood.

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That Penguin and Seal box was also used for the revised Famicom version of the game. Take it for what you will.

All non generics are hard to fine, and I'd personally milk them for what they're worth.

If the local guy came to you, have him open up the offer, if it's inadequate, then sell to @ThePhleo , which is who I'd honestly sell to anyways.

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