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Virtual Boy Weekly Contest Round 5: Vertical Force


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Hello and welcome to the fifth round of the Virtual Boy Weekly Contest!  This week's game is Vertical Force.  Battle an endless onslaught of enemy fighters and special attack droids!  Collect power-up items including lasers, wide-shots and shields to enhance your weapon system!  Single-player action for the ultimate Virtual play!


- Play on easy (the default difficulty)

- Play until you you beat the game or Game Over (do not continue)

- Highest score wins

- If you lose, immediately pause the game when your ship starts to explode and take your picture there.  If you don't pause fast enough, you will go to a countdown screen and lose your score.

- You have until 11:00 PM EST on Sunday, January 17, 2021 to submit your score.

For general contest rules, click here:



Good luck and have fun!



1. 542,700 (Splain)

2. 311,800 (ZeldaFan042)

3. 306,900 (Proveaux)

4. 306,200 (koifish)

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  • The title was changed to Virtual Boy Weekly Contest Round 5: Vertical Force
Editorials Team · Posted

I've never been great at shmups, and I'm really not good at pausing to get my score when I die. This game needs a more dramatic death animation/sound/something. I finally remembered today, and here's the very clear picture of my score. Looking at it in person wasn't any better, it was all jumbled with the background. It's motivation to beat whatever score that was, so I can get a picture of it.



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I really, really, REALLY hate this game's scoring, it is a PAIN IN THE ASS when it just magically disappears after a second. What's the point? Where is my high scores screen? ARGH!!!!


Sorry, very frustrated as I plaqyed the game over and over about 10 times before I actually remembered to hit the start button on death, so I am still very frustrated.


My only score, I am done, never again!




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Editorials Team · Posted
24 minutes ago, koifish said:

@Splainthere are drones that heal you? I never picked up on that

Yeah, it's the one that has a big circle nose. It comes and docks to your ship when you stop firing, and if you keep not firing, it kinda sinks into you and slowly gives you HP. I couldn't figure out how to damage the final boss, it seemed like nothing I did could visibly cause damage. Drones recover health when they're not active, so the only way I managed to beat the final boss was to let my last non-healing drone go crazy, then swap it out for a healing drone before it died, and do my best to not take hits while I gained a small handful of HP, then let the fighting drone out again. Didn't feel very satisfying to actually beat the game, but if I didn't have those drones going into the fight, I definitely wouldn't have gotten very far into the boss fight. The 5th stage is just the game giving you a bunch of powerups, then a final face-off with that mid-boss guy, then more powerups and the final boss. They straight-up give you those drones, so I don't feel too bad relying on them. I'm guessing the harder difficulties aren't as generous with the free drones.

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