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Nintendo Power Trading Cards (Hi-Resolution Scans)

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Calling all Super Power Club members! This post is intended to be supplementary to @Bubbapauls's Nintendo Power Trading Cards thread. These are hi-resolution scans of all cards in my own collection, as well as scans available from Nintendo Power issues on archive.org. There are 27 cards and 4 variants that are missing. Just as Nintendo Power advised their readers, trade with your friends! Submit any hi-resolution scans that are missing.

The Super Power Club Trading Cards started in Nintendo Power #41 (October 1992) as a contest every month to give away up to 500 Super Nintendo games. The fine print actually says “This Game Pak will be a Super Nintendo title that may have been used in a Nintendo display at a retail outlet; Game Pak may say Demo-Not For Resale.” A winning combination of three trading cards would be announced every month to send in for the free SNES game. The trading club cards only came in Nintendo Power issues through the mail, not ones bought in stores, since you became a Super Power Club member by being a subscriber.

Cards 1-72 were put randomly in a sheet at the end of the magazine until a year later in Nintendo Power #53 (October 1993) when they announced the second set which would start with number 73. They also eliminated the monthly SNES contest and removed the contest rules from the sheets. There was no further announcement, but I’ve noticed that issues 65-69 contain cards 140-170. I haven’t found higher number cards before those issues. The cards were discontinued after Nintendo Power #69 (February 1995). 

Click on the thumbnails for a link to imgur albums in groups of tens which include the front and back of cards. A full list of cards is at the bottom, cards that are missing hi-res scans are in bold.

UPDATE: Thanks to @BlueBombers we're up to only 1 card missing (Marble Madness) and 4 variants!! 104 from my collection, 43 from archive.org, and 26 from BlueBombers.

Fun FactCard #85 says The Legend of Zelda was released as a launch title in October 1985! (OOPS!) Card #150 which is also The Legend of Zelda corrects this.



PURPLE for Game Boy

image.png.fefe430041a1fd280904b9df52f81598.png image.png.92b62a28b4ef9bf6894b05ac054387a1.png image.png.011712f895ab9ea56bd3ebd5fc6d675e.png image.png.3d8511f501996a226e7a68b1e8526963.png image.png.2ef44505f0af86cc75a50b8e65953937.png image.png.25ed2eeefc529c657dffe1f555d66031.png image.png.49a2f244d6645f1ccded74bff39c7f00.png 1972389104_008-SuperPlayActionFootball.jpg.e69508a1339283d959deb873609a5226.jpg image.png.aefc873dda7c44f118f38d9f6147d079.png image.png.17876776a4e3302310fadbc463d64c12.png
image.png.309db27aabb9c1ba684c1ce60f7101eb.png image.png.7e38676c1ed4ff2988991bd91ad29f7a.png image.png.51b1c3f464cbfda2efa8a5ef83bc7523.png image.png.8314eed7710aee5c441dfd1c036c15de.png image.png.ad557d35d09269a07f0e85954b498e40.png image.png.8a4a5f941c6d0ce0a087683ab6720e2d.png image.png.73f60badd657de2f4d9b763db2081a1f.png image.png.412404d13eadcc6c77ab6e908ba1cb8b.png image.png.7cf513d6dd17053dc4f18c35965f4c79.png image.png.99e7344904b6c516d45a8d8eadc3911c.png
image.png.d1e3377b653439e490fd83388136d904.png image.png.764021047bbd41ccaa9eeba46c7d6e4a.png 2072970956_023-FinalFight.jpg.72df1ff7c3d86cd199ea854090370288.jpg image.png.fe9ff4c4714fd2418768c87df652ed36.png image.png.d638aff8dc6dd9ebfb6733094ca9ee69.png image.png.816d2c145da1382c9fff3c0e6dc6f406.png image.png.4c3d1c5571a50f115a43f8c4c750e88d.png image.png.319c0c75fa28a67a847593172c2e5b98.png image.png.fb5c47a18f70e8c0738f75e2d1290525.png image.png.d1250575220ba3f07a4c3cfe4e9384a9.png
image.png.353197c221bcec633d3ec94354599ef1.png image.png.c6437d746a3bf7ac07049ca54b088f78.png image.png.86e84998e34a3ccb1fd9269cb9039952.png image.png.2b4ac8b7aec7f05dc76f43bd1a98c54c.png image.png.7674041c3f1a8f76a4f6c7e650796f38.png image.png.1a14cf098bac4479c0c35ffd8e9c8266.png image.png.e067ff10b476ba81e6a54608d3fcd2b3.png image.png.622d8d7158c87a23970ff9d481403c0e.png image.png.a30132938a70bdc08966590a2fc6d688.png image.png.8cc70265ccd58a8509d0514951709afc.png
image.png.9118dc4f8b27ba522a1db95afccd76cb.png 804317703_042-SuperMarioKart.jpg.bc1edfde755e9dbceb3cdb7a4e167540.jpg image.png.23a49821dd4d32d5175ca115cff29ea7.png image.png.4384990828e9f0c6962a0228e9d43267.png image.png.ca6994495e3ad13c25da4930497d15e5.png image.png.c05269366a9ed49dc63aa456ec36bf06.png image.png.c366927e0ea78c7d2229cc6b7eb180de.png image.png.f043bbf8e0a02fb0310114470e54185a.png image.png.1441ce22ab8a33b909d7c505350a8c34.png image.png.447d0d198dd6d8a54aead3daaff07976.png
image.png.e18dbad1cd1a5f6cb52a780b6d05b928.png image.png.c056c72bdde25f9b61de7f929021e60e.png image.png.6407a2faf81377af5760c187105dc076.png 1388018368_054-GauntletII.jpg.8b236c6126031868c2e6df7e30a4f68b.jpg 364394074_055-BlackBass-LureFishing.jpg.33e6ce76832d670da9bdfd0e68229817.jpg CvmOz4q.jpg image.png.f54450826c67e7239e5902cbd9415fd4.png image.png.2c01f07604365d02014da3ca31119080.png image.png.1e2df67afb8602b444a7676ab2e3551f.png image.png.9eca07e0079d7fa14140e7937425b8fe.png
image.png.0932fdb6a1a532fac03954b887d5ca0b.png 121650252_062-SuperBatterUp.jpg.4128c125b8f866bd859cfe7f3eef4d58.jpg   1636663100_064-ManiacMansion.jpg.cca8464d4f01b2d31d946028b21d6b15.jpg image.png.452065d5506e91dd7a52646b3306841d.png image.png.3b870eade5996bf6da96699baa0b9c0b.png ROt2XHb.jpg image.png.d495080d139e365d58a9bcaf86c7b713.png gD9MAQX.jpg image.png.d75ac43dce657275f13d81a9dff36c6d.png
image.png.db1f04e16d7bcab7e7c26e90180e7dac.png 97qzu0j.jpg image.png.13c90cb82c9ead036f8033e71fffe890.png YZ73WaR.jpg image.png.d5df9eb2b103752e0618f756f580c622.png image.png.0b634d5c164c7b1e17fafd84a8c74800.png image.png.cbb4c05ce6f0024de350f4c8a949fe55.png D3tgY6s.jpg image.png.b8013747e603ae39690e036e75375917.png image.png.cedd4b1d5e5f0ea6a0746587b0ae6f5c.png
image.png.eaacd5064baa20e575411c15ffe9619f.png image.png.8fc99fee0f2052b14f8d8ff601b857bf.png image.png.f2e74c2698dd498f5ff80986bafb9f47.png image.png.98656248f122d3f992f07616e8ac8c14.png image.png.89f9d097b46cc316db7ade3a2a68cc7f.png image.png.a0c0fd51667352a14027d0adf1dd2e29.png image.png.14e675ab43a2f908a893d146024d7d20.png image.png.060615e5ee03ec54a8032823507498b0.png image.png.d3c38d254ad52ac2384e92307e08f2d9.png image.png.cf286523af62b4bb198ccb9ca213ebf3.png
image.png.d17e676836434adbc3aab538195c6ebc.png image.png.0044806d37d80b87ef8c0db6efc94cf7.png image.png.eb9ce7f125ef505d9d528d4c955c8029.png image.png.64b4133b3f9ed92030e11366047585a9.png image.png.4cf4eff8f68e32eb1c8225f8eef149d8.png image.png.f90cc0ab1a7a178820b44471165cbcfe.png image.png.a8a3a799980588ffb42aa7185a3b419a.png image.png.5a80fd97b960bb9c6a3be6f2503a2f8c.png image.png.c16409dd2770c0260bbb04e811e99ec9.png O2I51ZY.jpg
image.png.c54c06046267766ff32e3971e36cd239.png image.png.4c39aed4d94ad234e97e53132e3fe52d.png FCmHxeN.jpg image.png.63a016da55e2f971bcbc4ae6f1de30db.png image.png.6d78085ef567314dbe59739daa3989a2.png image.png.9f2e2bebaefcd64e7d8bc63c960a12cc.png image.png.0fd6ec24fc18d532198eddab66b6ad70.png xCWGsmk.jpg image.png.fa4bcc69fe5846daa98d966cb659de57.png image.png.5a5fe57bb4fb8e92d697bb91c593dc88.png
image.png.a186d24eb5b5096e383481176a8220de.png image.png.91d9b12fb9bd2e0946dc67b9124e79f8.png image.png.44084fc35384b9d90d252837db4ca457.png image.png.152707b4005b669e55145e2da0bb4865.png image.png.067b16d532f07c861d44553b5f3fb04e.png image.png.624d21b1f7fc7a4f9796c928f5aeb8a1.png image.png.672aa7f8a06fdec0d41b2f64eb26057b.png image.png.2bc7925ab763ea1d420be07548323f54.png cRXn16j.jpg image.png.a8b92f2a0dabe1289074a8f4a679be3b.png
oUK0AEi.jpg image.png.d4082d01a70a360da3c263ba2fc949a4.png image.png.adb0d1e7c477d64992b0d72ce2b6e096.png image.png.01d21360073e168aa3ab2508adc576e9.png image.png.325d2253a3b6cdd3b7f300bebac4eda7.png image.png.ee26d19648283e958af14b247fba1b4b.png image.png.edd678a62282d174a5f0d11718c51ec6.png image.png.6f3491e3921ceced5b8ed0d2bf9b72b8.png image.png.f0a43a1db452a8107e03a50383825b56.png teoYjNU.jpg
image.png.9f569b30ea567f2455b7ed1709355e26.png image.png.1138951c897124f4152b3bd0a72eb999.png image.png.f208d407ff83909e5fe08138b379d353.png image.png.20bec332ecc3337cfb815a348c9e5196.png image.png.6ebe01bd0fe0e4b1f5881022dbc910a6.png image.png.5ac01731d5eb40c03b0d3df782368599.png image.png.c31df100ebcd3c123e058b43b90b61d4.png image.png.1efcc6a1c3223e0d7e4330d20699f1a1.png image.png.1b5cf84cb4fed70c157e80bc604f63fd.png image.png.b26cf8b58515b106f761b516770c33ad.png
image.png.e491bdb5ba21b68d2f26ad097ff9e996.png image.png.6c23a398cca61165acb9a743013e9492.png image.png.9063b8fe8e8ea76c27c517c3e3686eba.png QiefL61.jpg image.png.08d6b886fa0a7267f1b72eeeff8ad390.png image.png.fd3a2caaf3a5629d4d3308b04ec35cbc.png image.png.8483d69a488c3075971bab3543cfa8fa.png image.png.f15d364b6da59e9a6da6626fafa94dbe.png image.png.9630221863ee446874f7fb9ff3a72a8c.png image.png.ae36dab35ec2907e2dabe4cdd318e17f.png
image.png.ca58ae88ad13f005ad443f1acfd306c4.png image.png.cfab7aeb2644d6f59d97f71cb63451df.png image.png.816a7d1730be136ef1ba8a124c1c5600.png G4WMkV2.jpg image.png.fada00b6a3bb6d470f80cd38d2eb9457.png image.png.c2f410d4a0ce1f7e15150b53b2c3f34a.png AyBsrki_d.webp?maxwidth=760&fidelity=grand image.png.7f3f4d3eedc92094baeb615303ee9a94.png pG6U1G3.jpg image.png.77e7dc122f76e8711bb326843c9dde7a.png
image.png.aed9cfaedbad4da934c176ea3a67519a.png sqgl9dn_d.webp?maxwidth=760&fidelity=grand image.png.82ab95acdf484a2f02e037b691311eb4.png diZYpNL_d.webp?maxwidth=760&fidelity=grand image.png.19731024a21cad3b11dcab67aa145940.png image.png.a35115435f0043ff2843e89eb9dabe6a.png image.png.9593193344163aa20399175f86428f4e.png ZoDss6p.jpg image.png.f7b0aed0cc53235062e23766d071f372.png image.png.7355f05389789b4d79dae9bdadd36796.png


  1. Kirby's Dream Land
  2. Metroid II - The Return of Samus
  3. Tetris
  4. Yoshi
  5. Kid Icarus of Myths and Monsters
  6. Super Mario Bros. 3
  7. The Legend of Zelda - A Link to the Past
  8. Super Play Action Football
  9. Actraiser
  10. Dragon Warrior III
  11. Faceball 2000
  12. Adventures of Lolo III
  13. Lemmings
  14. Gargoyle's Quest
  15. Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts
  16. U.N. Squadron
  17. Bionic Commando
  18. Wizards and Warriors X - Fortress of Fear
  19. Double Dragon III
  20. Super Smash TV
  21. Battletoads
  22. Felix the Cat
  23. Final Fight
  24. Adventure Island
  25. Dr. Mario
  26. Kickle Cubicle
  27. Metalstorm
  28. Punch-Out!!
  29. Wings 2 - Aces High
  30. F-Zero
  31. Dinocity
  32. Super R-Type
  33. Prince of Persia
  34. Pac-Man
  35. R.C. Pro-Am
  36. Super Mario Bros. 3
  37. Gargoyle's Quest II
  38. Batman
  39. Super Mario Land 2 - Six Golden Coins
  40. NCAA Basketball
  41. Battle Clash
  42. Super Mario Kart
  43. Dr. Franken
  44. Spy vs Spy Operation - Booby Trap
  45. Centipede
  46. Solar Jetman
  47. Soul Blazer
  48. Super Spy Hunter
  49. Desert Strike - Return to the Gulf
  50. Boomer's Adventure in Asmik World
  51. Road Runner's Death Valley Rally
  52. Asteroids
  53. Conquest of the Crystal Palace
  54. Gauntlet II
  55. Black Bass
  56. Kingdom Crusade
  57. Wing Commander
  58. Bart vs the Space Mutants
  59. Street Fighter 2
  60. Mega Man 4
  61. Busby - Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind
  62. Super Batter Up
  63. Marble Madness
  64. Maniac Mansion
  65. Out of this World
  66. Hunt for Red October
  67. Final Fantasy Adventure
  68. StarFox
  69. Ninja Gaiden III
  70. Tom and Jerry
  71. Super Off Road
  72. Tecmo Super Bowl
  73. Top Gear 2
  74. Clay Fighters
  75. Kirby's Adventure
  76. Final Fantasy Legend III
  77. Shadowrun
  78. SimCity
  79. The Legend of Zelda - Link's Awakening
  80. Golf
  81. Super Mario All-Stars
  82. Vegas Stakes
  83. Wordtris
  84. Yoshi's Cookie
  85. The Legend of Zelda
  86. NES Open Tournament Golf
  87. Terminator 2 - The Arcade Game
  88. Top Rank Tennis
  89. Yoshi's Cookie
  90. Battletoads in Battlemaniacs
  91. Battletoads & Double Dragon - The Ultimate Team
  92. The Lost Vikings
  93. Star Trek - The Next Generation
  94. Mortal Kombat
  95. Zombies Ate My Neighbors
  96. Raging Fighter
  97. King of the Ring
  98. 7th Saga
  99. Jurassic Park
  100. Secret of Mana
  101. Nigel Mansell's World Championship
  102. Street Fighter II Turbo
  103. Wicked 18
  104. Tetris 2
  105. Rock N' Roll Racing
  106. NHL Stanley Cup
  107. Actraiser 2
  108. Duck Tales 2
  109. Mighty Final Fight
  110. Claymates
  111. Metal Combat - Falcon's Revenge
  112. Kirby's Pinball Land
  113. Aero the Acro-Bat
  114. Daffy Duck - The Marvin Missions 
  115. Zoda's Revenge - Star Tropics II
  116. Lester the Unlikely
  117. Mega Man X
  118. Turn & Burn - No Fly Zone
  119. Darkwing Duck
  120. Mega Man IV
  121. Super Metroid
  122. X-Kaliber 2097
  123. Mega Man VI
  124. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Tournament Fighters
  125. F1 Pole Position
  126. Stunt Race FX
  127. Bonk's Adventure
  128. Super Bases Loaded 2
  129. Super Mario Land 3 - Wario Land
  130. Black Bass Lure Fishing
  131. The Twisted Tales of Spike McFang
  132. Monster Max
  133. Super Street Fighter 2 - The New Challengers
  134. Donkey Kong
  135. Joe & Mac 2 - Lost in the Tropics
  136. The Jungle Book
  137. Champions World Class Soccer
  138. Super Battletank
  139. Tommy Moe's Winter Extreme Skiing & Snowboarding
  140. Bugs Bunny's Rabbit Rampage
  141. C2 Judgment Clay - Clay Fighter 2
  142. Breakthru!
  143. Final Fantasy III
  144. Donkey Kong Country
  145. Daffy Duck
  146. Star Trek - The Next Generation
  147. Kirby's Adventure
  148. Blackthorne
  149. The Death and Return of Superman
  150. The Legend of Zelda
  151. Prehistorik Man
  152. Super Bomberman 2
  153. Breath of Fire
  154. Contra - The Alien Wars
  155. Tazmania in Christmas Island Capers
  156. Super Punch-Out!!
  157. Wild Snake
  158. Space Invaders
  159. Firestriker
  160. Illusion of Gaia
  161. Yoshi
  162. John Madden Football
  163. Mortal Kombat II
  164. Wario's Woods
  165. Dragon View
  166. The Jungle Book
  167. Earthworm Jim
  168. Stop That Roach
  169. The Lion King
  170. Tin Star


  image.png.64fff0b4deaa78a1d76a7338b331b49a.png   image.png.ba98147a52f7d06ed778df23b0b58fce.png    
  • 44. Spy vs Spy Operation: Booby Trap (Different Titles)
  • 95. Zombies Ate My Neighbors (Different Bottom Credits)
  • 114. Daffy Duck: The Marvin Missions (Different Margins on Title)
  • 132. Monster Max (Different Monsters)
  • 136. Disney's The Jungle Book (Different Title)
  • 153. Breath of Fire (Different Bottom Credits)
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1 hour ago, BlueBombers said:

Fantastic collection and great scans of your cards. Are you planning on finishing your collection ? 



Thanks! Just 104 of the cards are from my own collection. The others I found on archive.org. I'm actually keeping them mostly still in sheets attached to the Nintendo Power issues. So I was hoping to get them scanned so I can have them on my computer. Do you happen to have any missing ones you can scan?

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23 minutes ago, BlueBombers said:

I definitely have some missing cards but I don’t have any way to scan the them, only way would be to take a picture of them. 

Here is an example of the best I can do. 

I’m still learning how to post/ navigate these message boards so if I do something wrong let me know, I appreciate any help. 



Those look great! I’ll definitely add it to the post when I get a chance to edit it. Any more you have take photos too if you can

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Administrator · Posted
1 minute ago, BlueBombers said:

Sorry if I did something wrong, all I have is my smart phone and I barely know how to work that some days.  

Nothing wrong or anything, just some suggestions. If you're taking high res images, just know that they won't be as high res on here. I saw hi-resolution in the thread title and figured you were going for that.

You do have plenty of space to store images, really, so the second point might be moot - I'm unaware of how many of these you plan to upload.

If you can manage it, I'd suggest installing the IMGUR app on your phone, uploading your images there (for this thread), and then sharing the link to the bucket of images.

You CAN keep going with what you're doing and likely nobody will mind. These are just potential improvements I'm suggesting. 🙂

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@BlueBombers That was great!! If my calculations are correct you added 23 of the 27 cards that were missing. Honestly, I'm happy with the image quality. They look really good considering you're taking photos right? The only one I'd like you to retake if you're able to is Tecmo Super Bowl, all the rest look superb. As for the image space, maybe you can ask @Gloves if he can delete the images for you to make more space on your account? I already downloaded them all and am planning to upload them to imgur myself to add to the original post. And I'll credit you for the additions!!

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10 minutes ago, BlueBombers said:

Yes I did just take pictures with my phone, I’ll be able to retake that picture no problem. 

I’m not sure about the image space your talking about, is there only a limit to the amount of pictures you can put on the messages? And why/how do I ask @ gloves to delete them? 

Well like he said you get 200mb total upload space, so eventually later on you'll run out of space. And I already downloaded them so we don't need them on the comments section. He'll either reply in the comments, or maybe click on his profile and send him a private message?

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