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  1. Ya you’re right the cards are basically identical. I have a complete Collector’s set myself, the cards are a lot better quality and the pictures are sharper. Going through these old catalogs makes me wish I could still order from them.
  2. After going through my Nintendo Powers and all my countless doubles I’m missing marble madness. Before I forget to ask you do you need pictures of the complete Collector’s cards ?
  3. I do plan on uploading a more pictures to help finish collections. @mideast said you are able to delete all the photos I’ve uploaded? How does that work ?
  4. Yes I did just take pictures with my phone, I’ll be able to retake that picture no problem. I’m not sure about the image space your talking about, is there only a limit to the amount of pictures you can put on the messages? And why/how do I ask @ gloves to delete them?
  5. Sorry if I did something wrong, all I have is my smart phone and I barely know how to work that some days.
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