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WTB CIB Dreamcast Uncommons/Rares and colored OEM controllers

Naked Warrior

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So I tried the WTB Section earlier this year with some Ultra-Rare GBA games and didn't have any luck (but got a lot of positive comments!), So I figured I'd try again with some easier to find stuff!  I've never really been into Sega, but I feel like the Dreamcast is a great place to start since I'm big on multiplayer games and it is the only Sega console I own that is in working condition 😑. Looking for CIBs in the 7/10 or better range. On to the list!


Cannon Spike

Dynamite Cop!

Elemental Gimmick Gear (EGG)

Fatal Fury: Mark of the Wolves

Giga Wing 2

King of Fighters: Dream Match 1999

Last Blade 2: Heart of the Samurai

Mars Matrix

Marvel vs Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes

NBA Hoopz

Pen Pen TriIcelon

Power Stone 2

Spider Man

Street Fighter Alpha 3

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike

Street Fighter III: Double Impact

Super Magnetic Neo

Sword of the Berserk: Gut's Rage

The House of the Dead 2

Time Stalkers

Sega OEM Controllers - Smoke, Green, Red, or Yellow (These don't have to be boxed!)

I am happy to pay cash (Paypal).  If you are interested in trades, I unfortunately don't have much Sega stuff...but I have lots of Nintendo stuff from the same era (N64/GCN) and tons of handheld CIBs - If you are looking for something in particular, please ask!

I have for trade:

N64 - Probably about 30 different CIB games, mostly uncommons (Tony Hawk 3 (NIB)/RE2/Mischief Makers) with the highest end being a beat up CIB Worms Armageddon

GCN - Just ask, my highest end stuff would be NIB Cubivore and Go Go Hypergrind, but I have a lot of regular ol' CIB stuff!

GBA - I have everything CIB unless it is ultra-rare - Seriously, if you want to trade for GBA, I definitely have it.

GBC/GB - I have probably 40 different CIB games with Metal Gear Solid (GBC), Robopon Sun NIB (GBC), Gargoyle's Quest (GB), and TMNT II: Back from the Sewers (GB) at the highest end

DS - Probably 50 or so games, mostly NIB, but some CIB, with the high end being Little Red Riding Hood's Zombie BBQ, Megaman Starforce 3: Red Joker, most of the Dragon Quest games, and all 3 Etrian Odyssey's (all NIB)

PSP - Lots of NIB Atlus stuff including Persona 1,2,3.

Thanks for looking!

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Crossed off a few more, Updated trade-bait
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5 minutes ago, hyrulevyse said:

I have a couple blue ones 🤷‍♂️.  how nice are your n64 CIB's?  I'm always looking to upgrade and might be willing to part with some dc stuff.

I don't have a ton of "great condition" N64 games...the ones I'd consider 8/10 or better (that are available for trade):
Conker's BFD - CIB 9/10

Hydro Thunder - NIB 10/10

Ms Pac Man: Maze Madness - NIB 9/10

Quake - CIB 9/10

Paper Mario - CIB 9/10

Forsaken - CIB 9/10

The guy I bought my first Dreamcast Lot from had a blue controller...so my goal is to get some of the other colors 🙄.

Feel free to PM me if you have some of the games I'm looking for!



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