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Fly swatting game for GB


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Here is a WIP game of a game called Flies! which has Mr. Hand going around swatting flies. Watch out for the bees in the later waves, touching one costs you a life. To get more lives, swat the hearts that occasionally come by. I'm writing this in C. I usually try to make one Game Boy game a year, this is the 2020 one. Previous ones were MidSpace (2018) and Yum (2019). I've attached a binary file of what I have so far for feedback. I'm curious to know what you all think of the game so far. The ROM is in .gb format and should work with your emulator.


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Added a boss fly in the game. You need to swat him ten times. Each time you swat him, he'll reenter the screen at a different position each time. I wouldn't know how to make him look "robotic", so I just made him a giant fly.


My high score in this version is 548. See if you can do better. The maximum # of points allowed is 9,999.


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What I am thinking of doing is changing the background for each stage. I like and want to keep in a "marathon" mode as well.  It kind of is in different "stages" now, with no bees, then one bee, then two bees, then fly boss, it just repeats over and over again though. A game with stages though would have a definite ending. I'll think about what other kind of enemies I can add into it.

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What your doing is way cool, Thank you.

some more toughs.

How about a bonus levels between waves? like a large swarm of Gnat?


Any thoughts a bigger/special flyswatter like and electrical (but you only keep until you lose a life)?  not sure how easy this would be to program


as special "bug bomb that clears the bees out for a x amount of time?

During my game play all the "bad" guys only came from the bottom right, and stayed there.  but the flies would show up in the upper left and bottom left.  noting from the upper right or lower right.  again this was just during my game play.  

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Polished up what I have. I designed a DDT bug bomb sprite I haven't put in the game yet. The plan is when it's swatted, the bees will disappear for a few seconds. That will use 7 sprites at the same time when it's on the screen (the bees are 2 sprites each, plus hand, plus fly, plus DDT bomb=7.)




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Sorry I was so long. I had trouble with the boss fight, and then I had to go to sleep because I was sleepy.

V. 15

Bug bomb now working. It shows up when there's a bee on the screen (and not during the boss fights.)

The amount of time between them, the amount of time they work and the amount of time they remain on screen can be adjusted easily.

One thing I don't get though is why the game runs slowly if you get more than 9 lives. Thus I tried my best to not make that happen, but if it does for some reason, let me know.


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at score 110 the bug bomb was not doing any thing.  maybe decrease the frequency for the BugBomb(ie BB)  i had in my opinion 3 to many had 5 in 2 flies and it only got rid of the bee on the last life.

what if when you get hit by a bee a graphic pops up.  i don't realize i was out of lifes.

when you rest after a bee hit dose the clock restart or keep going? it happens so fast i don't see any indicators. 

have not been able to get over 4 lives that DAMN BEE is a Killer  😅


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great the hand movement is great.  was the speed increased or ( i was i getting faster.  game play was on my odroid) first few roms was just used on the computer.

Bug report

a) at score 256  robot fly came up with 2 bees then moved to the left side of the screen and became stuck on side. The bees stayed on the bottom left. hand was able to move and slap.  when i hit one of the bees the bee respond in the upper right and moved at a 45 degree angel to the left sided and stayed there.  also the lower part of the "T" on timer.

b.  screen is limited to the start of "score" and 3 rows from top 3 columns from left and 3 row from bottom  did not see this on the computer ( but i was to focused on getting the damn fly.  only really looked at it when the Robot fly was stock...  (might be by design)

c.  wave 2's hand "felt sluggish" more so then what was in wave one.  and wave 3 see to move same as wave 1(only got a few hit in before i was killed).

c. 7th game wave 2 robot fly hit a few time before reappearing. (might be by design)

d. at wave 2 robot  fly stayed in lower left with bees.  flyswatter was able to sit(camp-out) on bottom right.  the robot fly would migrate to right where it was easy to hit.  when it reappearing it would came up from bottom right and was easy to pick off with out bees being a problem. 


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I thought I had a topic about this, but I can't find it anywhere. Anyway, I'm about done with my fly-swatting game for Game Boy. 10 copies will be made when it is finished. Right now I'm looking for play testers and feedback about the game. I've attached the most recent ROM here. Let me know what you think.


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