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Where can I buy an entire factory box of switch games?


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I want to buy an entire case of Super Mario 3D All Stars, but I'm ok with paying retail price. A case, meaning the box of sealed games straight from the factory, so that they are considered "case fresh".  I'm not a retailer, but I just need one case in an unopened factory box. Does anyone know who I can contact to buy an unopened factory case/box of switch games in general?  My intent (not that it should matter) is to save some, grade some, and gift some.  I just can't find anywhere where I can buy a factory box of switch games.

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I think this will be very tough to find. My brother is an assistant manager at a large Walmart so I asked him about it. Even for their huge store, all games come individually wrapped. Even if they get 20 copies, they are all individually wrapped and put in mixed shipping containers. So based on that info, you may have to find someone at a regional distribution center to even have access to the box they come shipped in.

I don't know about GameStop or mom & pop shops, so maybe someone else can fill in that knowledge gap.

Also, I'd expect to pay more than retail as selling an entire case to a consumer is probably strictly prohibited.

Let us know if you find anything.

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