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  1. Yes, that's me. I'm doing this as a long term gamble that those games will become valuable sometime in the future (not the near future), especially since they will cease production in March 2021. I will likely buy 2 or 3 factory boxes, and try to have the games in 1 box graded via WATA or VGA (hopefully getting a perfect 10). The other 2 boxes I will stash away and forget about them until maybe 20 years later. It's somewhat of a pricey experiment, but it's a risk I'm willing to take. If I can do this with 3D All Stars, then I will likely do the same next year if/when the Zelda Anniversary
  2. I'm in the process of buying a case of switch games from a distributor, and they mention that a factory shipment box/case of switch games come with 30 games. However, other sources have told me that factory boxes come with 24 games and others come with 35 games. Is there a set standard for how many games come in a factory shipment? Also, does anyone have any photos of what these factory shipment (or "Master Cases") look like? As of now, I don't know what to expect, and it would be nice to know what these cases hold and what they are supposed to look like. It seems that there aren't really
  3. I live in a one bedroom condo, and I keep all of my N64 games on a wall illuminated by LED track lighting with no direct sunlight. They've been on the wall for about 2 months, but I'm considering buying a cabinet system in the next few months. The track lights are on every day and shut off every night. Will the track lights cause fading? If so, how long would it take to notice significantly? I've provided a photo of my collection and the track light setup.
  4. That's what I thought too. I showed the photos to my local retro game store and he said the same thing. Nintendo tended to cut costs on later releases games with special packaging by reducing the "special" materials and using regular materials - in this case, using regular box cardboard rather than special corrugated/thick cardboard.
  5. I want to buy an entire case of Super Mario 3D All Stars, but I'm ok with paying retail price. A case, meaning the box of sealed games straight from the factory, so that they are considered "case fresh". I'm not a retailer, but I just need one case in an unopened factory box. Does anyone know who I can contact to buy an unopened factory case/box of switch games in general? My intent (not that it should matter) is to save some, grade some, and gift some. I just can't find anywhere where I can buy a factory box of switch games.
  6. Given that previous CIB sales went for around $1250 and under, I wonder what caused the top bidder to come out of the woodwork and throw down $4550? Was it the bidding frenzy? Spiteful bidding? I wonder if there is any buyer's remorse. Not gonna lie, seeing the whole thing unfold shocked and angered me, as I'm sure it did for a lot of other bidders.
  7. As the title says, I would like to get my 2 case fresh copies of Mega Man 64 graded, but I don't know which service is the best overall. I'm new to grading, but I want to at least have these two prized possessions graded by the better service, whichever that is.
  8. I already have the full 296 N64 cartridge set, but I need to finish it off with the boxes and manuals for Clay Fighter Sculptor's Cut and Stunt Racer. If it means I have to buy a CIB set, then I would consider. I'm also willing to trade 2 case fresh sealed Mega Man 64 games along with a variety of other boxed n64 games in order to pad the costs. In total, I am looking for the following CIB N64 games: All-Star Tennis 99Bust-A-Move 99Clay Fighter Sculptors CutDaikatana (needs to include the poster)Deadly ArtsDonkey Kong 64 [Expansion Pak Bundle]Hydro ThunderInternational Superstar
  9. Let's keep in mind that this was over a 6 fold increase from the CIB average of $728. Whoever bought that is either rich or is going to be eating ramen noodles for awhile. Increases like this are flukes. If the seller listed the same game at that price without auction, it would sit there for months with just a lot of watchers. Prices will probably reset to around $1250. On a more broad note, once the pandemic resolves and its effects on society wear off over the next few years, I predict game prices will undergo a correction. People will become normal and spend their money on other t
  10. I bid on that, and my max was $1775, and I felt SUPER RELIEVED that someone bid higher than me. I would have felt incredibly terrible to spend that much on this item. But of course, some people are more desperate than me, for whatever reason. I contacted the seller to see if this was a troll bid, but he confirmed that the buyer paid and shipped already. It's insane. Now, I'm talking to a potential CIB Stunt Racer seller who has a worse condition box, a manual with the front and back page missing, and no generic Midway registration card...he's asking for $3000 because of that $4550 sale.
  11. Ah, I see that now. The one with the holes also is Canadian. But, the one above that and the one on the very top are both USA.
  12. I recently bought a copy of Mario Paint CIB on ebay, and I got a version that is glossier and with a thinner/regular cardboard rather than the mildly corrugated thicker more matte finish box that seems typical. I noticed that the listings have a healthy mix of the glossier and matte varieties. Are the glossier versions reproductions? The person I bought from swears they are they original owner and purchased at KayBee Toys in the 90s. Were the thinner glossier versions a later production? I've added photos of the various glossy variants that I found online for reference. Thanks in advance
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