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Small Request, if it's possible: All Activity section, showing only threads, not every message?


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Ok, I'm not going to always compare this place to NA and it had it's issues.  But, they only "feature" that this forum software is missing, that I personally miss, is that when you went to the Recent Activity section, it showed only a list of threads with new content.  It didn't matter if the thread had 1 new post or 10, it simply showed you a list of all the threads, in order of their most recent content.

On here, if the last activity on the entire forum is three posts, all within the same thread, you see three messages. Maybe I'm missing it, but it'd be nice to only see the most recent threads with new content, rather than ever message.

Can this be done easily-ish?  It's not a big enough deal for me to ask you guys to re-write the software, but I'd appreciate it if this could be turn on, if it's an option.  Thanks (and apologies if I'm not the first to point this out.)  I don't come over to the suggestions/feedback often because I'm actually quite happy with this place.  Thanks for they great and awesome volunteer work.

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1 minute ago, spacepup said:

test to see if both posts show up in stream, or just the thread.

Edit: After testing - I think the custom stream I shared does in fact do at least similar to what you asked.  I've posted twice in this same thread, but it only shows up once on the activity stream for latest posts.

Even after our triple-post to this thread, that looks correct.

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Administrator · Posted
1 minute ago, RH said:

Actually, I made a minor change, this one below will only show new/unread content, and not just content topics like NA.  I actually like this better:


Absolutely!  That's the beauty of the custom streams.  You can customize it to whatever works best for your preferences.  Rather than just having two options (like we had on NA), there are a number of different ways people can view and customize the activity they see.  

It will take just a bit of getting used to - but I think this system is actually much better.

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Member · Posted
1 minute ago, ap123 said:

Open the Activity Stream and click the check mark to right of the title. That should set it as your default.


Regards to Dane making the NA community but this place is so much better.  That's so easy.

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