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Anyone had bad experiences with DealTavern (Ebay & Amazon)

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I've had multiple bad experiences with them and am done buying from them. I've received 3 games that have been resealed, and multiple N64 games that they've stuffed into boxes that are too small and crush them. My latest experience was both of those combined - & on top of that they were totally unresponsive when I returned them and I had to call Ebay and manual get them to process the refund. 

Here are pics of the latest game https://imgur.com/a/qYCbCKV  It makes me wonder how many games they're selling that are resealed. 

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I've ordered some stuff from them via eBay and haven't really had issues. I did receive poor packaging on an N64 game like you mentioned, but the other items I've gotten have been legit sealed GBA games in great shape. I'm assuming they have a very large quantity of stuff and their QC suffers because of it. 

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Yeah I imagine they have a bunch of stuff. But I've ordered about 10 games from them and 3 have been resealed, and just as many damaged bc they package things pretty bad. 

I think they have the machines for the different 1st party seals bc the seal itself on that looked legit to me, but clearly it was cut under the seal lol. I've gotten a gameboy (creasing on the box from it being opened) & DS (tear in the cover art) that were both resealed w/ legit seals. 

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