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epiclotus' Collection Updates!


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2 hours ago, Foochie776 said:

Heck yeah man! I passively collect homebrews too, I want to finish the 8 Bit X Mas set but 08 😞

Would you believe I used to own one?  I could kick myself several times over.  Who knew they'd become such a sought thing!  Now I have to try and track one down again, rare as they are. 

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17 hours ago, kuriatsu said:

Those 2 zeldas, and metal gear are awesome 🙂

Nice finds for sure 🙂

Thanks!  I picked up the FDS games about a decade ago, before prices on the popular titles really shot up. 


Here are the rest I picked up while out yesterday. They're from a pawn shop abiut an hour from me.  

D longbox $25
Resident Evil longbox $30
Raiden III $22
Resident Evil Outbreak $9
Xenoblade Chronicles X $15

No steals, I don't think, but I love picking up stuff locally. 



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I got in a Super Famicom that is pretty complete looking.  I don't think I usually see them for sale with the top piece of styrofoam.  I plan to use it to play Super Game Boy 2, which plays GB games at the right speed. $165.71

I had two beautiful Mario pins come in, as well. 16€ ($18.05)

Lastly, I haven't played The Division in a few years and had a real urge to play it again. My local GS had a used copy, so I picked it up and am playing again. Disc is in the machine, not the case. $5.29




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