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Rookie Egg Jugglers - An old, lost NES homebrew.


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While I'm working on my new project, I'd like to share a simple game I've made quite some time ago.

Back in late 2017, I've written a game for NES called "Rookie Egg Jugglers". It was the first game I've written for the NES, only done in two months.

Once completed, I've posted the game on NintendoAge with the ROM file attached. Before NA shut down, posts containing attachments were removed, resulting in the game being lost.

Now joining VGS, I'm able to share my game again, hosted on Itch in case it gets lost again. You can play the game with the link below. Have fun. 🙂



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On 12/22/2020 at 5:26 PM, matthughson said:

I must be missing something silly but I can't get the 2nd (blue) player do move. Is it AI controlled?

From the Itch page:


Left and Right - Moves the Red Juggler left and right.
A and B Buttons - Moves the Blue Juggler left and right.
Start Button - Pauses the game.

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