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Help finding the name of some 90s arcade machine


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I'm trying to find the name of an arcade machine I used to play as a kid.
IIRC It's from the mid-late 90s.

The most distinctive feature is the controls. It was a strictly 2-player machine and it had two handles, one red and one blue which  only moved in horizontal directions on a circular axis parallel to the ground, and the two handles "blocked" each others path. It's a bit hard to explain so I added my embarrassing attempt at drawing it.

The gameplay was a series of minigames. Each player controls some type of android or robot (I used to think they kind of looked like mega man). So, for example, one minigame had the players running through a canyon collecting coins and dodging boulders. Stuff like that. The idea was that by the design of the controls, you can "bump" hard enough with your handle into the other the other players handle, and with the right timing push them into a boulder.

Does anyone know the machine I'm talking about?
Some time ago I actually went through the wikipedia list of arcade machines trying to find it. I checked arcade machines from the nineties but couldn't find it (I didn't check all of them, only those with titles which sounded like they could fit what I remember, so I probably just missed it).


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8 hours ago, mbd39 said:

Yes it is! So glad to finally know the name. Thank you!!

It was one of my favorite machines, though I really have no idea if I would enjoy playing it today.

I'm pretty surprised to see there is not a whole lot of information on it on the web (compared to other arcade machines I looked at). Mostly, everything we got here (in Israel) was the really mainstream and popular stuff.

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