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FS ~ NES Blu Ray Player (price lowered again)

Nes Freak

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before you ask, no it cant play nes games.  i built this a few years ago by gutting a nes out and sticking a blu ray player in it  its been in my shop as mainly a taking piece  but ive decided to sell it.  the blu ray hardware is in new condition  i never used it other than to turn on and show people it working.  its fully functional all connections and buttons are functional  original red led comes on with the system.  power button turns it on.  reset button opens the blu ray drive.  the blu ray player its self is a 2016 top of the line sony 3D blu ray player with 4k upscale support and wifi for hulu netflix pandora youtube and many other streaming services. also supports the playstation store. remote works too  the IR sensor is in the player 1 port o nthe nes.  USB supports up to 4tb hdd drives with music pictures and videos. optical drive can playback cd dvd blu ray and 3d blu ray.

over all the nes case is in great shape the back corners have some break in the plastic (what nes doesn't lol)  no yellowing or major scratches, front side looks great!

cost is 199.99  shipping with full insurance is 19.99 via usps large flat rate box by paypal.


you can see it working below.  ive made 3 of these in the past.  thanks for looking!







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lower price again
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On 10/26/2020 at 5:32 AM, tbone3969 said:

Would you mind sharing the model number of the blu ray player?  I am looking for an UHD player.  This could fit the bill.  Thanks.

its not a UHD player  its regular blu ray/3D with 4k upscale.  i dont remember the model number  all i know is its a 2016 sony top of the line at the time.

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  • The title was changed to FS ~ NES Blu Ray Player (price lowered)
  • The title was changed to FS ~ NES Blu Ray Player (price lowered again)

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