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Korean Brain Age for DS - good pickup?


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I think for all the modern machines, they're not so hard to pick up, rather it's hard to make the proper connections who can pick them up for you 😉

For ten bucks, yeah I'd gladly pick that up too. For some perspective, I grab (and keep) Taiwanense ds / 3ds games for $5+ , so I doubt that guys making tons off selling.

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Administrator · Posted

Ah neato!  I have been after Korean items for a while now, currently only have Picross for DS I believe, but slowly growing out items for other systems.  You can sometimes find them on ebay, but I usually use a proxy service or an acquaintance.  I'm working on a few preservation-related projects related to documenting and researching games released in Asian regions, and Korea has been a somewhat arbitrary focus for a bit now.

I don't find them to have much monetary appeal here, with a few exceptions, but they are certainly neat to have if you are into this sort of thing.  

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