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Need help identifying this DMG I bought - Is it a Play it Loud, or something else?


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Before buying it, I thought it was a play it Loud DMG, but the black text has me confused. All of the clear play it louds that I've seen have had red text.   There's also some faded numbers that look to be hand painted on the bottom of the front shell. Could be a re-shell, but I dunno.  It also came without a screen lens.IMG_20200822_123829.thumb.jpg.cdc1b0ac7ea5a891038bf6b826364c33.jpg




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There was a see through in the Play It Loud series.  That sticker on the back for the serial looks legit, but they can get lifted.  The issue I have is the GAMEBOY ink seems darker than examples online of a fresh handheld but age and environment especially on clear plastic could be the issue (if not the camera.)  It should be a lighter purple, while the image up there looks almost black or a very dark purple or blue.

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