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2 Sealed GBA games (Special CT Forces 2, F-Zero: GP Legend) & Super Mario Bros. Print World


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Hey there. So, after digging through some of my shelves, I only just remembered I had these, and apparently they might actually be worth something nowadays. I have 3 sealed Gameboy games, one of which I've already sold, and the other two I have here, as well as Super Mario Bros. Print World. Last I checked, the sealed CT Forces 2 only had one listing on eBay which sold for $100, but I'm not sure if that one listing is indicative of the price. I'm pretty sure I already know the value of the sealed F-Zero, but I figured I might as well ask about it anyway just to confirm that I'm right in my assumptions on what it's worth, since I don't know a whole lot about sealed games. Super Mario Bros. Print World has a couple of listings, however there appears to only be one for this particular variant of it, which is priced at $50. Again, no clue if that's actually indicative of the worth of it (Hence this post 😛 ) Any help on identifying the potential price of these items? I'm interested in selling them in the near future.



Special CT Forces 2:








F-Zero: GP Legend:








Super Mario Bros. Print World:






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Dealtavern has cases of both of the GBA games NOS for $20-30 a piece 😞 Any sales above his prices are just people afraid of stock images, because his stuff is generally good and ships in a box. The Print World is niche-ass stuff, good luck with it. I kinda want the $65 shipped one on Ebay, but then I remember $65 shipped will get me nearly any PC game I want except for A-list stuff.

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Yea I was going to say I bought these from dealtavern within the past 3 years for cheap.. Also picked up a few of copies of Gradius Galaxies, which they have since sold out. They also had Klonoa GBA, should have got a copy but I didn’t know what Klonoa was at the time.

i think Special CT forces was like $15. Then after Metal Jesus featured it on one of his videos, I decided to pick up a copy and they raised their price

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