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Any way to solve unstable XBOX 360 firmware issue? Complete system wipe possible?


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I'm wondering if there is anything I can do to re-purpose or rehabilitate my old 360 Slim. I recently bought a new 360 E to replace it, but it seems like a waste to just chuck it out.

Basically, I am pretty sure the problem with it is something to do with the firmware, or software on the actual system itself, it was basically running absolutely fine until I updated it, and thereafter it just started random crashing all over the place, getting black screens on start-up and freezing during gameplay. It might also be a hard drive failure issue or some other hardware issue, but I cannot really be sure of that.

So, after these problems started I formatted the hard drive and used the system menu to restore the system to factory defaults. I also cleared the various system caches and system settings. Initially that seemed to basically solve the issue and I was satisfied, however the strangest thing happened. Basically I accidentally clicked yes when the game prompted me to set up the network settings, and from that point onwards the crashing resumed. We're talking on the menus, on the dashboard, during gameplay, on start up, basically it got to the point where I couldn't even sign in without the system freezing. I attempted the same hard drive format and system restore functions as before, including clearing the various caches, but this time it was to no avail.

Some how or some way I believe that there must be a problem inside the firmware, after I updated, or something to do with accessing the network. Before I did that, the system was really stable. The only weird thing I noticed before that was that the system would never connect to the downstairs WiFi router, the only way I got it online before was connecting to my mobile hotspot on my cell phone. Eventually, even so much as entering the network settings menu would crash the system, so I'm not sure if maybe there was a hardware issue with the antenna that might have lead to the further problems? I used the special secret button combination code to remove the system update, and while that made a SMALL difference in the frequency of crashing (basically enough to actually load a game), the crashing resumed nonetheless.



As you can see I have way more questions than answers when it comes to this system. I attempted a number of different solutions in a short span of time, all of which seem to have combined into a completely unstable operating environment on my 360 S. There MAY also be some undetermined hardware flaws involved too, but with all the other things I have done to the system, who can really say?

Does anyone have an idea of what can be done to try and rehabilitate this system, or is it just FUBAR? Fortunately I have got a new system now, so I don't NEED to fix this one, per say, but a part of me would really like to get this system back into working order... I could always try formatting the HDD and reloading the system AGAIN, but it always seems to me that this doesn't ACTUALLY fully restore the system to its original condition, it feels like there are hangovers from the previous system still involved somehow. OR would it be a good idea to entirely remove the HDD and do the system reboot without that old thing attached, and see if that was the problem all along?

Man, I don't know if anyone can help me with this one, lol, oh well! 😅

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