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[WTB] old cables


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old cables

Do you have a box of cables lying around that are damaged or otherwise useless? Rusty, torn, beat up, just plain don’t work? You just need to get them out of the house but would rather not put them in the landfill? I’ll take them off your hands. All kinds. Controller, power, video, audio, instrument, computer... if it has at least one connector, I’m interested. I’m making wearable accessories with them. 

EDIT: Since a few people have asked:

I’m paying the cost of shipping to 60612 for other people to get rid of their junk that I can potentially use in art projects, basically.

If you are seeking more than that, I would offer a scrap-type rate (like 10¢/lb) but then we would need to talk about processing. I need the connectors and ends, not extra 9 feet of wire in the middle of a 12 foot cable, so I wouldn’t want to pay for that weight.

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7 minutes ago, docile tapeworm said:

hes a scrapper

Is it really worth having the cables shipped? I'd imagine any profits go be had would be lost in that cost. Profit margins aren't high with scrap. It comes in having bulk and even a 50lbs box of cables isn't going to shop cheap.

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1 hour ago, RH said:

I see now.  I've not looked at the classifieds much.  I see now, you had linked to it and there were more photos.

When you make a classified ad, the forum automatically creates a thread for it. The thread acts as pure discussion, and you bump through the ad itself. Pretty neat - no more 30 pages of the OP replying “to the top”

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