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Kind of big changes in my life right now


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Hi guys! I thought of you a couple of times, but I'm not active. Did not played much games neither.

This summer I went back to school. I'm studying in the health domain, I moved 3h drive away, but come back here in the city during the week-end for work. I'm starting my stage at hospital next week. I'm kind of nervous and worried, but up to now it's going fine. Today the job changed my status as partial, I'm not full time/permenant anymore and it makes the changes much more real.

In the beginning of the year I did a Union formation and did a panic attack and was scare of doing one in school and that's why I did choose a smaller town, formation center and group to minimise the chance. Since high school I never did any study of any kind because I'm socially defect lol...

Right now, I'm pretty proud of myself and mostly proud of taking those chances I never took. If I miss my shot, I'm going to bankruptcy. That's one of the thing that get me so anxious. Do you think I would have to giveaway my game collection if I get there ?

Studies and my move slowed down my music projects, but it still going strong and the reason why i did not play much too, my games are still in the city and I don't feel like it when I come here. I must complete Dragon Warrior III and GRIIIIIIINNNNND like I don't grind enough in real life.

Before my return to school I started a FACEBOOK page for my music projects and an YOUTUBE account with 2 old projects. Nothing to brag, but it's there and I did nothing with it yet. I'm not the kind of person that wanna to spam every so often, but I think I would need some love. I feel bad to invite people on my pages. Is that weird ? We get so much harassed with everything that I don't think I want to be a part of it, but theses songs (and more coming) dying in my head or computer lead me nowhere except filling up my head to the point of explosion something.

Tonight I see it like it:

Movies are my inspiration

Music is my fuel

Games are my escape


Thank you all for reading 🙂


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