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My first post on the new site!

I came into possession of a small collection of retail resource guides. They were originally to be found in Walmart Electronics departments.

There are 4 in total (see attached pics for info) One is a Nintendo "Retailer Source book" It appears to be from 2008. The next is a big black Sony PlayStation one ( it's the one with the PS logos on it). It spans from 2007-2010.

The next one (the blank grey one)is another PlayStation guide. It spans from 2002-2007. This one has a 2003 PlayStation Spring Catalog in it. In addition it has a PlayStation green demo disc and a PS One information pamphlet.

I have no idea of this lot's worth. Looking to you guys for some help with this.






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8 minutes ago, doner24 said:

eBay, but make sure they are well titled will likely net you the most. 

Thanks again! A few more questions..


Would you recommend selling them separate or all together?

And, is there a place here to post the links to the EBay listings or is that frowned upon on these forums?

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2 hours ago, Link said:

vandy... vandy... were you on NA with a Megaman avatar?


I don't think so. It was a star V if I remember correctly. Thanks for the link!

Posted in the auctions/Limelight section

Also put up on Ebay.

Thanks everyone for the help!


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