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Lunar Silver Star Sega CD


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Hey guys, I've been going through my stuff to see what I want to keep and get rid of and I came across my copy of Lunar Silver Star for the Sega CD. I couldn't get it to work in my model 1 before I boxed it up to ship off because the back is scratched pretty bad, but also, when looking up at images online of the disc, it seems that I have a different release than what is the more common version. Could someone tell more information about this release if anyone knows?

Lunar - The Silver Star (U) (CD) [a1].jpg

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Working Designs would never release production numbers - the first release seems to be the most common:


One of the later ones was much the same picture except it went all the way up to the spindle hole.

This is the easily the rarest:


The others seem to about equal in numbers.


Dragon Force (also by Working Designs) for the Saturn had 4 different discs.

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